Truck Drivers Tax


Are you a long-haul truck driver?

You can claim meals and accommodation expenses (a portion of it) on your income tax return.

Lodging expenses

Accommodation expenses such as staying in a hotel or a motel etc or cost of using the shower facilities can be deducted on your income tax returns.
Staying the night in the United States can also be claimed.
Please note: CRA requires you to keep records and logs of travel distances. 

Meals expenses

Long-haul truck drivers traveling for work can claim 80% of their meals and beverage expenses.
Please note: If such expenses are incurred in the United States, you can only claim 50% of it. 

Claiming meals and lodging expenses – Fill out Form TL2

Claiming GST/HST Rebate – Fill out GST370 Form

Completing Your Tax Return

To claim these expenses, fill out Form TL2, Claim for Meals and Lodging Expenses, which then transfers to line 22900 of your Income Tax and Benefit Return. If you are claiming GST/HST rebate, you will need to fill the GST370 form and claim the amount on line 45700 of your tax return.

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